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Dr. Riciu

My name is Riciu Andrei founder of Skin Tag Doctor website and when I’m not blogging or playing with my cat, I work as a doctor.

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Many people simply are not aware that their skin growths that formed around their neck, in their armpit or groin region are actually benign and are not cancerous nor pose any health concern in most cases while others can actually confuse a benign lesion with a more serious one so, I decided to provide you dear reader, with means to contact me and get an educated opinion regarding skin tags and how exactly you can remove them at home without having to wait for weeks for a doctor’s appointment and pay consultation and high treatment fees.


  • My responses are free of charge
  • I will be glad to help you choose the right product and share my experience with it.
  • I do not sell anything myself nor do I have any connections with certain brands or drugs.
  • The products that I recommend for skin tag removal , are either tested by myself or are backed up by research and are actually working.

In case I decide your problem is not related to skin polyps I will strongly advise you to contact a local health care provider. I can provide some guidance up to some point but please understand that I will NOT establish other diagnoses besides confirming your lesions are indeed skin tags (medical ethics).

Contact Dr. Riciu – The Skin Tag Doctor

Using the form below you can directly contact me Dr. Riciu-Nicolae Andrei  for an educated opinion regarding your problem.

  1. First things first grab your phone or camera and take a focused and preferably high resolution picture of the affected area.
  2. Complete the form with a title and description or question.
  3. Insert your email (I will need that to get back to you) and name (real name not needed), attach the picture, hit Send and you are done.

I will try to respond all questions in a couple of hours up to one day depending on the number of queries and obviously my work schedule.

By any means, although I am a medical doctor, you should not rely on the information provided solely by me online nor by this website. You should always consult your local health care provider for any skin problems. The reason behind this is simple: despite the fact that I provide accurate medical information, this website and contact form aims by no means to represent an online substitute to seeing a licensed dermatologist in person.

For any other questions you can use the following:

Gmail: [email protected]